Palette, Quote and the SPC Player!

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“You want a color for your name? Just leave it to me!”

Palette is a bot that allows you to assign yourself custom name colors. Instead of choosing from a pre-defined set, she will allow you to pick any color under the sun, creating a new role for every user. You can even set up assignable roles, so that users can choose from a select few roles to assign to themselves! She works best in small servers, as Discord has a limit of 250 roles per server. She's also currently the only one of my bots available through Slash Commands!


“I know your past. I know your future. I'm here to remind you about it.”

Quote is a bot that can fetch old messages from a channel, and randomly quote them when asked to, allowing you to relive past moments. He can also mashup words from old messages together, search through articles from The Cutting Room Floor, play games and a bunch of other miscellaneous things. Of note is also that he has a completely built-in, but mostly separate, reminder subsystem so you won't forget about future events.

SPC Player

“Live SPC jamming is now in!”

The SPC Player from SMWCentral is now available as a bot, and this one will play your SPC files LIVE in ANY voice channel. It allows for queuing up songs, looping songs, shuffling, starring favorite songs for easy access, converting from SPC to other formats, and more!


While these bots are public for the moment, if I happen to run into resource limitations in the future (I do host these myself), I may have to restrict their usage later on. We'll see.

Invite Links: Palette Quote SPC Player
SPC Player is also available on SnesLab (as SnesBot)
Join the support/test server for these bots below:
Palette, Quote and the SPC Player

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