Privacy Policy

By "our bot(s)", "the bot(s)", or "these bots", we mean the software of which we - the authors of said software - made available for you to use as an interactable service, primarily - though not exclusively - through Discord. These bots include, but are not limited to:

When you use, interact with, or make these bots available for you and/or others to use within your Discord server/guild or elsewhere, you agree that these bots may collect the following data:

The data outlined above:

A provided service can be described as functionality which the bots contain. Usage of a provided service can be described by, but not solely as, an application command with or without additional inputs. The description of such a provided service may, in a summarized form, show which third-parties are involved with said provided service.

Should you wish to contact us for further questions, or if you wish to request your data to be removed, you can either reach us through Discord in our support server, or e-mail us at (text only).

Changes may be done to this document in the future. You are encouraged to read this privacy policy periodically, and/or whenever an update or new feature for the bots is announced by the author(s).

These bots are authored by RanAwaySuccessfully.

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